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Film weekend for young audiences to celebrate the launch of the new European Film Club

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The European Film Academy launches the European Film Club with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA.

The European Film Club is a digital platform that makes a carefully curated catalog of European films easily accessible to teenagers aged 12 to 19. It builds on the success and experience of the Young Audience Award of the European Academy (since 2012), and will provide year-round access to the young audience, so that they can continue their journey into European cinema. 


As part of the Young Audience Film Weekend, on November 5, the film "Everything Will Change" will be screened in more than 35 cinemas across Europe at the same time, and film discussions will be held in all cinemas, as well as a "question and answer" section, in which young people ask questions to the creators of the film, director Martin Purcell and lead actor Paul Raymond.

Participants from Montenegro will be part of the largest young film audience in Europe this year, and will have the opportunity to participate in all segments of the Film Weekend. The screening will be organized simultaneously in all European cities on November 5, live and online (Online Watch Party within the Film Club).


Please note that participation in the live program is limited, so we encourage you to fill out the application below as soon as possible. If you want to follow the program online, and join the Film Club, whose membership will last the whole year, please emphasize this in the application.

The application deadline is November 2.

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